9 November 2023
Sarah Fallarino appears on Influencer Intelligence's 'Talent Talk' series

Sarah Fallarino talks to Influencer Intelligence about her role and fantastic roster of female talent.

The Talent Talk series introduces brands and PRs to talent managers and agents. Giving an insight into the people behind celebrities and influencers, this handy feature will tell you everything about these integral gatekeepers. Today we meet Sarah Fallarino, Senior Talent Manager at Insanity.

Formerly of Manning Gottlieb and Red Hare Digital, Sarah has an impressive seven-year track record in digital-first talent management. Over the last four years at Insanity, she has honed her skills and accumulated a wealth of knowledge into 360-degree career management. She enjoys empowering female talent and providing guidance as they navigate their unanticipated social media journeys, striving to maximise her clients’ opportunities.

Insanity Group is a global entertainment company with offices in London and LA, which represents the likes of Faye Ellaby, Chloe Plumstead, Mollie Campsie, Ellie Martin, Lydia Bright and Bella Roberts.

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