29 September 2023
My Dad Wrote a Porno enters podcasting Hall of Fame

My Dad Wrote a Porno has become the first inductee into the British Podcast Awards' Hall of Fame.

The "most successful podcast in British history" features host Jamie Morton reading chapters of his father's questionable erotica to his friends, Alice Levine and James Cooper.

After seven years, six series, 430 million downloads, two sellout tours and even a 2019 HBO TV comedy special, the final episode came out in December.

Actor Michael Sheen has called the podcast's writing "Shakespearesque".

At the ceremony in London hosted by comedians Stephen Bailey and Zoe Lyons, co-creator James Cooper said: "We feel so proud to have been a part of the British podcasting community for nearly a decade and watched it turn into a really vibrant industry attracting so many amazing creatives and shows.

"As it continues to grow, we hope that there is still space to champion those smaller, grassroots shows out there, the ones without the big talent or the backing of a major company.

"This was, after all, the founding spirit of podcasting and sometimes that's where the most unique ideas can come from as well as the most exciting voices - oh, and more podcasts about dad porn, obviously."

The podcast has spawned two sold-out world tours, which have included venues such as the Sydney Opera House and Radio City Music Hall in New York. The live shows were also turned into a comedy special on US channel HBO and the Footnotes spin-off episodes have featured an unending roster of A-list stars.

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