DJ Day Day


DJ Day Day is a DJ, Radio Presenter & Content Creator from Birmingham, UK.

At a very young age, Day Day realised that music was a big part of his life. At 10 years old, his older cousin showed him the art of DJ’ing on vinyl turntables which blew his mind, and he was told stories about his Grandad who was a Reggae DJ in the 60’s and 70’s. Through these experiences, it was clear to him that his passion for music was passed down genetically through his family.

Day Day chose to do his work experience at a local radio station, which he loved! He then went on to study media in college where he continued to pursue his interest in music and radio and found a serious interest for visual content too.

He started sharing content online from 2014 as his aim was to put more happiness, good vibes, and joy into the world. He is now one of the most well-known DJ’s in the UK with 490K + followers across socials and almost 40 Million plays on his online DJ mixes!

With his determination and natural talent, he has now secured the daytime 10am-1pm weekday show on BBC Radio 1Xtra! Prior to this he was a ‘Role Model of the Year 2023’ MBCC finalist, and has hosted events to help support and inspire young people in his community, performed in many cities across the UK and countries overseas. He has played alongside huge artists such as Stormzy, J Cole, Trey Songz, Nas and many more.

Day Day has also worked with many global brands such as American Express, Starbucks & HP.

Available for DJ sets through Insanity Live.