Jonny Szymanski


Jonny Szymanski found his start in the early 2000's through nightlife performance and Reality Television. He accidentally launched his career under the pseudonym, Jonny Makeup, a namesake given to him by the seminal electroclash group, ""Gravy Train!!!!"".

In 2020, Jonny partnered with Sony Pictures Television and is currently in the process of developing a scripted series loosely based on some of his gritter experiences in the naughty-aughties.

His unique flare and memorable antics helped skyrocket him into the fashion and lifestyle space, where he contributed to the success of brands such as American Apparel and The Cobra Snake. Jonny also became a regular staple of reality television in the aughts, often making appearances on non-scripted series like The Tyra Banks Show, and a handful of E! Entertainment series like The Girls Next Door, The Kendra Show and Bravo's The Rachel Zoe Project. Always early to the metaphorical party, Jonny became one of YouTube's first viral sensations with ""I Seen Beyonce At Burger King”, a collaboration with fellow musician, Cazwell.

Jonny has been a long time advocate for equality. He championed the iconic Legalize Gay campaign for LBGTQIA rights and helped amplify Legalize LA, an initiative for Immigration Reform. He's collaborated with organizations like The Human Rights Campaign, The Ally Coalition and is currently volunteering with multiple social justice groups.

Jonny believes that the world in which we live is a comprehensive sphere of industry and creativity where he thrives because of his multi-disciplinary ability to work across many different verticals. In the past and present he has found success as a marketing & brand strategy consultant, animation voice over actor, TV/web series host, songwriter, executive producer and most importantly, a parody of himself.