RIIZE is the freshest K-Pop group taking the industry by storm. The group name RIIZE combines two words – “rise,” symbolizing growth, and “realize", representing achievements – which together encapsulate the idea of a team that grows as one while achieving their dreams. Focusing on authenticity and relatability, RIIZE forges a deep connection with their ever-growing fanbase, BRIIZE (pronounced “breeze”), by sharing their down-to-earth personalities and humble moments at the start of their new journey.

RIIZE has proven their high popularity not only in the music industry but also in the advertising and fashion industries.

Their first single “Get A Guitar” achieved over one million physical pre-orders, and they announced their signing to RCA Records in the US before their official debut, shortly followed by finding their UK home with Insanity Records – a rare occurrence for most K-Pop groups.

Before their debut, they set the record for the fastest-growing K-Pop group on Instagram, reaching 1 million followers just four days after opening their account.

Most recently, RIIZE was also appointed as house ambassadors for Louis Vuitton only three months after their debut.

RIIZING, with the release of their b-side tracks - out now via SM Entertainment, RCA Records US and Insanity Records.