Rio Rainz


Hailing from East London, Rio was born to Irish and Jamaican parents who raised him on an eclectic mix of Reggae, Rap, Rock, Pop and more. When his parents separated, Rio began splitting his time between London and the countryside, two contrasting worlds he first fought but later described as his Ying and Yang. Rio started to hone his craft as young as six, playing keys for the church choir and attending performing arts school, where his love for all things creative flourished. From a young age, Rio has found comfort in his introspective lyrics and has been open in sharing his highs and battles through his adolescent years, hoping his vulnerability might support others. Rio was motivated to break the stereotypes pushed on him with his sound reflecting a genre-fluid mix of all his inspirations under one multi-layered roof. Rio finds himself amongst The UK’s burgeoning Alternative-DIY scene, whose music speaks to generations of young adults trying to find their way.