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Bradley Simpson, renowned for headlining London's iconic O2 arena, has embarked on a transformative solo journey with his debut performance at the intimate 100 Club. This shift from arena spectacles to a modest venue marked a profound transition for Bradley's musical career. Stripping away elaborate production, he embraced the raw intimacy of performing solo to 350 fans, resonating deeply with the venue's storied history as a jazz club in the forties and later a hub for punk.

Bradley has found solace in overwhelming fan support, with audiences quickly embracing his new solo repertoire. The palpable energy and familiarity with his songs after just a few nights left Bradley humbled and inspired.

Bradley's solo venture originated two years ago, sparked by deeply personal songwriting sessions in Los Angeles with esteemed collaborators. These sessions birthed his debut single, "Cry At The Moon," a poignant exploration of infatuation and vulnerability. With a blend of contemporary pop and indie-rock sensibilities, Bradley's music resonates with authenticity and emotional depth, laying the foundation for his solo endeavours.

Bradley is delving further into diverse musical landscapes, infusing dreamy psychedelia and introspective lyricism into his sound. Each song reflects Bradley's personal journey, from struggles to moments of introspection and growth. Crafting tracks in both his home studio and historic recording spaces like New York's Flux Studios, Bradley's solo era is defined not only by his music but also by the vibrant energy of New York City, inspiring the visual aesthetics accompanying his sonic creations.

Bradley’s upcoming shows offer fans an immersive experience into his new sonic realm. From intimate gigs in Los Angeles and New York to festival appearances across Europe, Bradley invites fans on a deeply personal journey through his music. Embracing his solo endeavour alongside his success with The Vamps, Bradley aims to connect with fans on a profound level, offering them a soundtrack to navigate life's highs and lows. With each song and story, Bradley invites fans into a new chapter of his life, filled with honesty, vulnerability, and boundless creativity.


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