Tir Dhondy


Tir Dhondy is a Presenter, Journalist and Documentary filmmaker who has reached younger audiences around the world through her reporting on youth skewing content. Tir's most recent film, Hunting the Rolex Rippers, which she Produced and Presented, is now out on BBC Three.

Tir was recognised as an industry ‘Hot Shot’ by Broadcast magazine in 2022. After her Rolex Ripper documentary, The Guardian, called her ''fearless,'' and compared her reporting to Tir's idol, Louis Theroux.

Tir has a wealth of experience behind and in front of the camera, reporting on unique sub-cultures and securing access to untold stories. She is passionate about investigating topics people don't know about and immersing herself within their world.

Tir first stepped in front of the camera whilst working at Vice Media, beginning with an investigation into how drug dealers use Snapchat to sell their drugs to children. The film attracted nearly four million views on YouTube. Tir followed this with a report for Crimewave exposing how thieves use Instagram and Snapchat to target and rob influencers. In an international scoop, she secured access to the man who robbed Kim Kardashian during Paris fashion week in 2016. The interview made headlines across major online and print news outlets in the UK and US.

Tir’s other successful films include her investigation into Ibiza’s drug gangs and their links to the Mafia, where she gains unprecedented access to the drug lords fighting for control of the island. Tir’s last film for Vice Media, on ‘’functioning heroin users,’ has also garnered more than 2 Million views.

Another of Tir's most successful films is 'Tantra Island,' investigates Tantra on the island of Koh Phangan. Tir spends a week going through a rigorous schedule of tantric workshops to see whether she can work on her own trauma and achieve a sense of spiritual enlightenment. Through her journey she discovers that alongside the profound healing on the island, there is also an undercurrent of sexual abuse.

Tir's unique selling point is that she can get unprecedented access to difficult sub-cultures.