Serena Appleby

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Serena Appleby, the self proclaimed “4ft 10 Northern hobbit”, is a TV chef and the owner of Kring Kringz pop-up. Serena is of Filipino heritage, and was raised in the infamous little town of Accrington in Lancashire.

Now based in Bristol for the past ten years, Serena firmly calls it home. Since 14, she has been living and breathing the hospitality industry, and has been running restaurants from a young age.

During lockdown, Serena started her own business, Kring Kringz, sharing Instagram video content and offering takeaways. This caught the attention of BBC3, and Serena was cast in their brand new cooking show with Big Zuu and Stacey Dooley, Hungry For It. Serena shone brightly throughout the show and unsurprisingly made it to the final. Since filming, Serena has been running Kring Kringz pop-ups + kitchen takeovers in Bristol and beyond.

Serena’s cooking is centered in Filipino fusion with nods to her own hometown Accrington, in the form of pure northern comfort food. She describes her cuisine as Filipino at heart, with hints of Chinese, South East Asian and Caribbean influences. Serena always says Filipino food is the Soul Food of Asia, and she loves to bring the big, bold umami flavors.

Beyond the food scene, Serena loves her streetwear, swears by a good hair accessory and loves, in her own words, “sick crepes”, cool socks and of course, excellent kitchen equipment.

Serena’s entire soul is poured into not only her food, but everything she does. With an ethos that is all about bringing, fun, vibrance, and all the good vibes, she loves to inspire people and is the ultimate hype woman, spreading her contagious positive energy wherever she goes.