Jake Boys


Jake Boys is the host of football channel, Transfers, which has curated an audience of over 3.5M global football fans. With a life-long passion for the sport, Jake is dedicated to delivering the most current and engaging football content to fans around the globe.

Off the back of building one of the most successful shows in the Formula 1 space, Jake has stepped into the world of football after building Transfers behind the scenes over the last 6 years. As a football player himself, Jake is able to combine his love for the sport alongside his passion for social media.

Jake’s content spans from the Premier and Champions League, EFL and WSL, to the top leagues from around the world. His expertise and his ability to cover the diverse range competitions has earned him a loyal following of highly engaged football fans worldwide.

Transfers is a global community who live and breathe all things football. Jake is providing the fans with a voice, bringing them exclusive content they are yet to see.