Henry Southan


Henry Southan, a celebrated food writer and content creator, captivated the nation's attention on Big Brother's highly-anticipated comeback, securing a remarkable 3rd place. Based in both London and the picturesque Cotswolds, Henry is not only a finalist from the iconic reality show but also an authoritative figure within the restaurant world.

With a notable presence in renowned publications such as British GQ, The Evening Standard, and The Good Food Guide, Henry brings his culinary expertise to diverse audiences. On social media, he guides followers through his favourite restaurants, shares invaluable tips, and delivers captivating luxury lifestyle content. Henry's persona shines as he stirs martinis and humorously critiques people indulging in meals on the tube.

As a much loved content creator, Henry has collaborated on highly successful campaigns with brands such as Cadbury, Morrisons and HelloFresh, and has filmed with the likes of HuffPost, Buzzfeed and the Independent alongside his partner Jordan Sangha, who he met on Big Brother. Henry and Jordan, or to their fans, “Jenry”, have an electric on and off screen chemistry that has captured the nation’s heart, and their hilariously contrasting energies make them the most exciting new celebrity duo in the entertainment world.