Dr Zoe Williams


Dr Zoe Williams MBBS, DRCOG, MRCGP graduated from medical school in 2007. She has gained experience in many specialist fields within medicine and currently practices as an NHS General Practitioner in London and outside of the surgery is a National Advisor to the government’s Office for Health Improvement and Disparities (formerly Public Health England) and has served as a clinical advisor to the RCGP. Zoe is one of the resident Doctors on ITV’s This Morning, and has featured as an expert on the BBC’s The One Show, Horizon and Trust Me I’m a Doctor. She specialises in debunking the confusing world of medicine, in a fun and entertaining way.

Zoe founded the charity Fit4Life, which aims to increase the aspirations of young people by providing mentors and co-creating physical activity programmes with them.

As one of the countries most valued professionals in lifestyle medicine and physical activity, Zoe’s expertise has seen her working as an advisor to the UK Health Security Agency, the NHS, the Royal College of GPs as well as some of the UK’s largest brands, including BUPA, Garmin, Estee Lauder, Elastoplast and Tesco.

In Zoe’s podcast ‘The Doctor Will Hear You Now’ she speaks with celebrities who are affected by common health conditions. By increasing knowledge and understanding the podcast aims to create empathy and kindness and help to quash stigma.

Zoe has written for numerous publications on health, fitness and diet including Marie Claire, Stylist magazine, Hello magazine and Waitrose magazine. She currently has a weekly column in The Sun and her debut book, ‘You Grow Girl’, reached #1 in Amazon’s Children’s best seller list in June 2023.

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