Emma Neill


Emma is making her mark in the Gen-Z community as a voice not to be reckoned with! Being a professional make-up artist, yoga instructor and currently studying at university, Emma is a girl of many talents and passions, which do not go unnoticed.

Regularly sharing vegan student meal recipes, vintage fashion finds and her beauty regime, Emma has found herself gaining a very loyal following within several niche communities. Her openness and honesty from a the perspective of a young woman navigating her twenties allows Emma to be a relatable figure.

"Here for the Craic” is Emma’s successful podcast where nothing is off the table, from light-hearted girly chats and drunken stories, to more serious topics like feminism, mental health and sexuality. Similarly to her social platforms, Emma always manages to find a way to communicate with her listeners in a way that feels like you’re on the phone to your best mate, which is has gained lots of traction.

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