Mehreen Baig

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Mehreen Baig is a former teacher and trailblazing broadcaster and author, who is passionate about education and empowering young people. She has emerged as an influential voice across a range of topics including education, race and gender equality, and faith.

Her move from teaching to broadcasting began in 2016 when Mehreen took part in the BAFTA-winning documentary Muslims Like Us (BBC2). Mehreen’s empathy, humour, and passionate advocacy for her beliefs led to widespread interest; she was widely interviewed and was invited to speak at conferences around the world. She also gave a passionate speech when collecting the award for Reality & Constructed Factual at the 2017 BAFTA Awards. That year, Mehreen was named one of the most inspirational and powerful women of the year by The Telegraph, alongside Michelle Obama and Adele.

Since then, Mehreen has established herself as an intelligent and inquisitive broadcaster, presenting opinionated and personal documentaries such as Islam, Women and Me (BBC1) and Lost Boys: What’s Going Wrong For Asian Men? (BBC2). She has taken part in spiritual TV shows such as Pilgrimage (BBC2) and led series such as Walks of Life (BBC1) and Our Coast (BBC2).

As well as this, Mehreen is a regular reporter on Sunday Morning Live (BBC1) and The One Show (BBC1), with a special interest in schools and education. Her recent credits include The Truth About Cosmetic Treatments (BBC1), Inside Chelsea: Britain’s Wealthiest Borough (BBC2), and her podcast, The Secret Life of Teachers (BBC Radio 4).

Mehreen worked as an English teacher in a North London secondary school after graduating from the Institute of Education. She is still in touch with many of her former pupils and continues to work as a tutor and coach, helping young people achieve their life goals. In 2021, she published her debut book, Hidden Lessons: Growing Up on the Frontline of Teaching, which is part-memoir, part-social commentary, sharing stories from her decade in teaching.