Nguyen Yeats-Brown, GnochGnoch, first started reviewing and rating restaurants online in 2018. When the pandemic hit in 2020, Nguyen's online presence quickly evolved into a self-taught cook book.

Nguyen has since amassed an audience of over 230K across her social channels, including Instagram and TikTok, and has set-up a Supper Club and corresponding podcast.

Nguyen has undoubtedly made her mark within the London foodie space; taking inspiration from her many solo travels around Europe and her Vietnamese heritage. From a young age, Nguyen cooked alongside her Mum and Grandma, so food has always been a passion point. Nguyen often bases her recipe’s on these memories and loves to incorporate Asian flavours into her dishes.

Nguyen’s content style allows her to work on a wide range of brand partnerships such as Mob, Tastemade, OurPlace, Warburton’s, Philadelphia and Heinz.