Where Did The Debt Come From?

You can’t fix a problem unless you understand what the problem is. This video from The Center for American Progress explains the origins of our current budget deficit. It’s a good and simple 3-minute primer on how our nation’s finances got where they are today. When it comes to defining the causes of our ballooning […]

Major companies spend more on lobbying than taxes

Two telling facts that explain how the income tax deck has been stacked against the middle class. First, Elisabeth Warren notes on the Daily Show (at index 17:00-18:30) that, “Thirty of the largest companies in the United States are now spending more on lobbying than they pay in Federal taxes1,” and, in his opening, John […]

Bill Gates: Taxing the rich more is “Justice.”

In an interview with BBC News Bill Gates asserts that taxes have to go up, and that it is “justice” for rich people to pay more that those who earn less. “Taxes . . . should go up more on the rich than everyone else. That’s just justice.”  

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